No bribes no hidden agendas NO PITCHES

No bribes
no hidden agenda

Do you run a small business, live/work in Surrey, want to play more golf and would like to improve your business?

Good. I'm not asking you to commit to anything I just need some help.

Let me tell you a little about this - the video only runs for just over 4 minutes - then if you're still interested I'll ask you a few questions.

Discover the Keys to a Brilliant Businesses

It's very easy to let your business take-over. There'll be time for golf next year.

It's been scientifically proven however, that we are at our most effective when we are not stressed and when we regularly take time out from our businesses.

I let years pass me by while I focused 100% on my business and it was a big mistake that I really want you to avoid. I'm putting together a group of people who run little businesses in Surrey who want to play more golf AND improve their businesses at the same time.

There is a wealth of experience and knowledge that business owners, just like you and me (and those who have already retired), have built up over the years and I for one think it is time we used that information to help others.

When you need help who do you turn to? A random search online or preferably somebody you already know or at least a recommendation from someone you trust?

Golf, business support & training, business contacts, friendships, collaboration, sales (maybe), more golf...

NOTE: This has nothing directly to do with my own business and will not lead to you being pitched about my services. It won't be for everyone but if you're interested I'm going to ask you to complete a short survey so I can gauge how best to improve Brilliant Little Business Golfers to meet your needs. 

        I absolutely promise I will not email you about anything other than this idea

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