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No Image – No Really…

If you can’t be bothered with putting an image on your posts, (or maybe just can’t find a suitable picture) your output will, to be frank, be boring! But beware…

…your post may end up on page one of Google nonetheless (just like this one did). ┬áBut will anyone click through to view it?

When I first wrote this post in January 2014 it quickly went on to the first page of Google (for the search term Brilliant Little Business) but I really can’t imagine anybody wanting to read it!


And why then, would you bother to write it Mark?

Very simple to answer both of those.

Firstly, why won’t people read it? (I could be writing to myself by now if I’m right and nobody will ever see these words!)

Because, the content looks boring. I purposely (see answer to question 2 below) didn’t add any images or headings or bullet points or emphasis. Nothing.

So why bother?

Here’s the frank admission. I was testing out a new theme and put up a few test posts to check the font and size looked OK. And I forgot to delete this post as it was originally. Just one line of meaningless text.

When I checked Google to see if the site had been indexed I found this sad little post with virtually no words and no images sitting right up there on page one of the Google search results.

So rather than delete it, as was my original intention, I decided to keep the indexed page and just added this explanation.

It will hopefully serve as a reminder to myself to use meaningful stuff when I test things in the future and as a contrast to how posts should be created – with images and decent formatting.

I’ll be really intrigued to see if anyone does read this post at some in the future and if you do get as far as hear I applaud your staying power and would love to hear why you read it through!

Leave me a comment below, I’m very interested.