Look Hot And Squinch

Look Hot And Squinch

How To Look Hot (in front of the camera)

I know, the headline – How To Look Hot – may have your mind racing off in the wrong direction but if you ever put (or in fact, don’t) photographs or videos of yourself on your website this post will be very interesting and could make all the difference to visitors staying around a little longer.

You don’t need any special training and whoever you are I promise you can do it.

Are you scared of being on camera? Don’t like the idea of putting a video on your site because you’re camera shy or think you’ve got a face for radio?

I blame the lack of equipment, in particular lighting, for my own lack of live video appearances BUT, after watching the video I think, deep down, there’s another reason for it.​

With just a little practice of this technique you can massively improve the engagement you have with your audience. There’s no cost – all you need is a mirror.

This video explains it all – don’t worry about the “shabangs”, they just build the atmosphere…

Video borrowed from Peter Hurley – a photographer with personality!

Take a look at his YouTube channel for more tips

I don’t know what the latest figures say about the number of YouTube videos put online each day but if you spend any time at all watching the “instruction” type videos you’ll know that a high percentage of them clearly have no idea about squinching!

As you’ll realise by now, it’s not really about how to “look hot” but more about engaging with your audience and not looking, well, weird!

The objective is for your words to be what people are focusing on. To look normal without causing the mind to wonder whether there’s a crazy person lurking behind those wide open eyes.

A simple change in the way you look at the camera can change your audiences whole perception of you – and that could be the difference between you making the sale or not.

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