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How Long Should Your Home Page Be?

How Big?One of the first subjects we touch on when I’m talking to a new client is this…”What is your website supposed to do?​”Think about it for a moment…When somebody lands on your home page for the first time is it immediately obvious what they’re supposed to do?If it’s not, I’m afraid the majority of […]

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Website Colour Matters!

Why Colour Is So ImportantFollowing on from my post about the colours chosen for your website, I came across this great infographic I thought I’d share with you.We all have colours that we just like, I guess, but studies suggest there are much deeper reasons that lead to us taking (or not) action. Interestingly, it […]

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The Colours of Catherine Cuffley

The Colours Of Catherine CuffleyI’ve recently been working with a lovely lady named Catherine Cuffley who is an executive coach specialising in working with leaders and managers in Banking, Insurance and other City businesses.​She is an expert in neuroscience and uses her extensive knowledge in this area to help her clients successfully manage the complexities […]

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Without Leads Your Business Is Dead – Can It Really Be This Simple?

Without Leads Your Business Is Dead – Can It Really Be This Simple? Get Thrive Leads Now You probably already know that I’m fanatical about two things (actually there’s more but that’s for another time!)… 1 Collecting your website visitors contact details 2 Thrive products​ I know for a fact that somewhere you’ve seen or […]

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Social Media Posting

social post info

Do you have a plan or is it just post & hope?Do you find yourself at a loss to know how to create posts for the major Social Media platforms?This infographic (courtesy of QuickSprout) is a brilliant visual reminder of what you should be including.​Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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Creating A Value Proposition

value proposition

Slogans, Taglines & Value Propositions……you could be excused for being a tad confused! UPDATE – DECEMBER 2015 If you are still preparing your own “Value Proposition” – this post I found this week written by David Ly Khim expands on the information​ Most of the time you needed to be in the bar with the […]

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How To Make Working From Home Work For You

optin boxes

How To Make Working From Home Work For You……and why you need to keep your shoes on!I openly admit, I hated the corporate world.Office politics, putting up with inefficiencies and people I didn’t like just so there wasn’t an “atmosphere”, being told where I had to be, when I could take holidays, dress codes etc […]

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The Brilliant Little Business Sales Funnel

sales funnel

The Brilliant Little Business Sales FunnelMy definition of a Brilliant Little Business is one where the sales funnel enables a regular income to be generated WITHOUT the owner needing to “be there” or indeed to undertake any more work…​Of course, there are likely to be aspects of your business where you want to continue to […]

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How To Create A High Quality Website

Where Did It All Go So Wrong?Having a high quality website is out of reach of most people…I’m deeply saddened by the general attitude of “OK” is good enough.Maybe it’s my age (I’m definitely entering the “grumpy old man” stage) but everywhere I turn I seem to be faced with mediocrity at best and abject […]

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Session Six

How To Turn Your Website Into A 24 Hour A Day Business Building Machine Session SixThe 5% Winners & The Observant Is it safe for me to assume that if you are reading this email you have also read the previous 5 in the series? As I didn’t hear otherwise I’m going to take that […]

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