Adding A Membership Section To Your WordPress Site Is As Easy As Installing A Plugin...

...or so they'd have you believe!

If you're not sure that a membership model is right for you schedule a complimentary 30 minutes "chat" with me and we can talk it though - I won't try to convince you one way or the other.  

Membership Setup

My guess is you're still reading because you have decided the membership model is right for you but you are confused by all of the options and don't know how to set it up or you simply want someone to do it for you.

I understand - you're busy running your business and don't have time to research the solutions and decide on the options.

What pages you'd need to create, membership levels, payment options, protecting content, notifications. OK, I know you get the picture

So let me do it for you...

Book a time to talk through what you need and how I will go about setting your Membership Section up for you. ​

Just so we are clear - you either have to be using WordPress on your site, are happy to have a link to a new site for the membership area or are starting a brand new site anyway.

FREE 30 minute call - absolutely no obligation - tap the button below to schedule a time slot

Having tried and used most of the WordPress membership plugins I've settled on MemberPress and this great plugin will be installed and used as the basis of your membership section.

If you go ahead with my service the fee includes the first year's licence to use the software. After that, if you are not on one of my Care Plans, you will need to renew the licence direct to continue to receive updates etc.

As part of my service you will get immediate access to my own membership site - BLB Clients - where you will find a wide range of video tuition on not only using MemberPress and your new membership section but WordPress in general.

Of course, it is built using MemberPress so you will get first hand experience of the system from a user-perspective.

You'll see how it is possible to personalise the pages and show some information only to individual members or particular groups.

Customised welcome messages and emails 

What is your fee for setting this up?

You're going to hate me for this!

I know I'm always put off when I don't get a straight answer to my question.

But, I can't honestly tell you yet because it depends on exactly what you want inside your site and how much "content" you have - courses, videos, pdfs to download, existing members already to be added etc etc.)

But I appreciate you want an idea of cost so this is a guide only, to be fine tuned after we speak...

Assuming you already have a WordPress site (if not see here) - Basic installation of MemberPress to include the first year's licence, the login page, member page, first "product" page, integration with either Stripe or Paypal to take payment & welcome message customisation will be £599.

Additional products and pages will be extra, as will any changes required to existing site.

Membership Setup

  • check
    MemberPress Plugin Licence - value c£90
  • check
    Membership Site Setup - basic pages etc
  • check
    Pages styled to your requirements
  • check
    Content added to pages
  • check
    Linked to payment processor
  • check
    Welcome email customisation
  • check
    Access to full training videos
  • check
    Support & guidance

from £599