WordPress Website - Tech Help Rescue

When you just need help!

When you don't want a complete website built or to commit to a monthly support & maintenance plan.

But you have a problem or want to talk a strategy through or ask "what's the best way to..."

Or maybe you want to set up an opt-in form and link it to your autoresponder or create a form or testimonial page.

Or just want to follow along as you are shown how to do something with WordPress.

Whatever you require, book a 2 hour session with me and we will meet up on Skype and work through the issue together

When you just need help!

Book a time below and let me help with the challenge you are facing.

Just so we are clear - you either have to be using WordPress on your site, are starting a brand new WordPress site or have a WordPress related issue.

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Tech Talk rescue

  • Demonstrations
  • Watch & learn
  • Landing page set-up
  • Autoresponder link up
  • Conditional forms
  • Strategy discussions
  • What should I use for...
  • Testimonials - On-site collecting & display

£150 for 2 hours