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How To Turn Your Website Into A 24 Hour A Day Business Building Machine

Session Five

When Is A Thank You Page Not A Thank You Page?

When it’s created by Mr Top Dog.

OK, I really must confess right here that I do not have a sausage addiction and, to be perfectly honest, I only used them as a way of highlighting the point I was making in the last email.

However, since I’ve started out on that path we may as well continue with the concept as I expand further (not due to the sausage intake!!)

Before moving on, let’s quickly recap…

We’ve established that the majority of websites aren’t as effective as they could be because they focus on what the owner wants rather than the visitor.

Simply asking people to sign-up isn’t going to hack it - we need to establish our credentials with testimonials or introductions and we need to offer something of significant value to encourage visitors to take the action we want them to. This has to be done be focusing totally on them and how our “solution” is going to benefit them.

Our website Home page or Landing page has to be de-cluttered and offer only one course of action. All confusion and distractions have to be removed so our visitors are left in no doubt as to what they have to do.

It is also imperative we “spy” on our sites to see exactly what is happening. Who is visiting, where they’ve come from and what they do while they’re there. You could ask your nosey neighbour but it’s probably best you add Google Analytics to your site - the information tends to be more factual!

You should have been thinking carefully about what it is you want your visitors to do when they arrive at your site. Does what you are currently saying convey to your visitors exactly what they’ll be getting and stimulate them to take action?

Did you sign up for the mini-course on building landing pages I mentioned last time? If not, I suggest you add it to your To Do list as it is extremely relevant and will help you focus on exactly what you need to do to create highly effective optin pages.

I need to backtrack just a little today…

You may have the impression that I think your current Home page needs to be scrapped!

As typically the Home page is the one that receives most traffic and is the one most people use to try to send visitors to, I have referred to it several times as the page that needs to work hardest at engaging your audience.

In fact, what I’m really telling you to do is have a page (the one you are promoting and trying to send traffic to) that is built the way I recommend. It’s not so important whether that is your actual Home page or not as long as the url you are promoting is that of the page built for the purpose of engaging visitors and promoting your giveaway.

So in reality, this could be: for example.

As long as that page is designed with your visitors needs in mind we are in business.

Now, if you have your page built and a free giveaway linked to it as set out in Session Three you are ready to implement Mr Top Dog’s “Thank You Page secret”.

When linking to their autoresponder service so many people just use the “standard” thank you page provided by AWeber or Get Response or Mailchimp etc and that is a huge opportunity missed.

Think about the last time you signed up for something. You decided it was relevant enough to give away your email address. You clicked the “Get it now” button. Where were you sent? Probably a page that either said “Thanks” or told you to expect an email and you had to Confirm the optin.

What did you do next? Wait for the email? Click away from the page and surf off into the sunset?

What if the person you had already trusted with your email address had a little more to say.

Maybe a course or service that was relevant to you.

Would you have read about it or watched the video if it was on the page telling you what happens next?

There’s a very real chance you would and that is where Mr Top Dog excels.

 He knows he has another chance to engage with his potential customers.

He’ll use the page to ask about them, tell them about other things he does, make a special offer, or tell them about a webinar or free course he offers.

Which of these two pages is likely to have more impact?


You may have seen this before! Developing the opportunity...

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Perhaps one of the best uses of this page is to promote a webinar on a subject very closely related to the subject of your giveaway. You’ll develop the relationship with your subscribers during the webinar and if you are promoting a product or service in that webinar that is a solution to your visitors problem then you have just multiplied the chances of a sale.

All very simple to set up and as you have to create the page anyway, there's no more work other than figuring out what to present.

Do it once and reap the rewards for years to come.

Prepare yourself. Next time I'm going to ask a very personal question and it could prove a little embarrassing!