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How To Turn Your Website Into A 24 Hour A Day Business Building Machine

Session Four

Magnetism & Why Sausages Are Good For Your Health!

​Want to buy some sausages?

Have you ever been to a trade fair, an exhibition or even a street market?

Almost certainly you have and you will, therefore, have come across these two vastly different approaches…

Mr Silly Sausage

“Our sausages are the best available anywhere and our packaging is really eye catching. They are far superior to our competitors and if you give us your money you can take a packet home today.”

OK, so the words they actually used may be a little more flowery but you get the picture.

If you're anything like me you are more likely to walk away than be attracted. Both parties are looking at what they want and the vendor certainly isn't focused on his / her customers.

It's a little like two north poles on magnets pushing against each other - there's nothing attractive here!

Contrast that approach with the guy doing all the business…

Mr Top Dog

He has a camper stove set up with some fantastic smelling sausages sizzling in the pan, that have visitors rushing to his stand to see what's happening.

Mr Top Dog knows how a magnet works

It's a simple concept:

Attract by offering what the other party wants!

He’s giving away free samples to anyone who passes his stand. And, once you’ve tasted his sausages, he knows they are so good you’ll be wanting more.

So he is offering a complimentary 1lb of his very best produce in exchange for your name and address AND that also entitles you to a discount of 10% for any regular subscription to his monthly home delivery service, as long as you sign up today.

Assuming you like and regularly eat sausages which of those two “offers” is going to entice you?

Of course, the second one.

It’s focused on you - you get to try before you buy so you’ll happily give your details in exchange for a free sample - why wouldn’t you, you know you like them - and the offer of an ongoing 10% discount is too good to miss. Of course, the “scarcity” factor comes in to play too adding the urgency for you to take action today.

Now, I want you to think about those two approaches…,

The first smacks of “what’s in it for the vendor” - it's not magnetic or particularly attractive to the potential customer.


As a potential purchaser you couldn’t care less about helping the vendor. All you’re interested in is what you get.

But the second marketer has you in mind every step of the way.

First you get to smell the goods which will encourage you over to take a closer look.

You get to taste the goods and find out what you’ve been missing.

Assuming you like what you taste, all you have to do is provide your contact details in exchange for a whole 1lb of the things AND you then get a 10% discount on a home delivery service - you don’t even need to leave home to enjoy the sausages in the future.

You might argue that Mr Top Dog is giving away too much. Of course, there will be some people who take advantage and don’t follow through with the delivery service.

BUT, Mr Top Dog understands the law of “reciprocity” (where the receiver feels a duty to give something back in return), the art of giving away something of value that will encourage people to “buy” into his service and the potential life time value of a customer that far outweighs the upfront customer acquisition cost.

How many websites have you visited that assume you want what they are selling and base their marketing on what's in it for them rather than you? Those, for example, that simply tell you to sign up for their newsletter. Ever done it?

Thought not.

There simply isn’t enough of a reason for you to give out your email address. There’s nothing in it for you. And that’s why Mr Silly Sausage is losing out.

Look at your website - are you a Mr (or Mrs or Miss) Silly Sausage just pleading for “help” or have you got it all figured out?

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Take a long hard look at your website - are you a Mr (or Mrs or Miss) Silly Sausage just pleading for “help” or have you got it all figured out?

Do you have a magnetic homepage (or “landing” page) that virtually compels your visitors to give you their email address?

When you subscribed to this email course, you almost certainly did so via this page:

Contrast that to this as an example of what doesn’t work:

By now, you should appreciate why you absolutely have to put together an irresistible offer focused around your service BUT giving your visitors something of real value to them. You have to figure out how to word your “offer” so it is full of what you are giving to your subscriber and how they will benefit and NOT what what’s in it for you from the relationship.

And Mr Top Dog has another trick up his sleeve - a trick so cunning, the people who bought his sausages as a result of his “offer” at the exhibition didn’t even realise what he had done.

Until next time.


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