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How To Turn Your Website Into A 24 Hour A Day Business Building Machine

Session Six

The 5% Winners & The Observant

Is it safe for me to assume that if you are reading this email you have also read the previous 5 in the series?

As I didn’t hear otherwise I’m going to take that as a “yes”!

So here is the question…

Have you made the recommended changes to your site and especially your landing pages?

There, it’s said. I told you it might be embarrassing.

So why haven’t you done it yet? There was nothing over complicated to do.

BUT I know from years of experience that around 95% of the people following the course will have been nodding in agreement, understand why it needs to be done, have put it on the To Do list but still done nothing about it!

It’s just human nature I suppose - putting things off or making excuses, but what about the other 5% - what if they are your competitors?

Well, they’ve gone ahead and implemented my suggestions and are already reaping the rewards.

  • Do they know more than you?

No, I really don't think they do.

  • Do they have any exceptional skills that you don't?

No. Maybe they know a little more about the technology but it is easy enough to learn or get someone else to do it if you can't.

  • Are they any less busy than you?

I doubt it - they're trying to run a business just like you.

  • So why have they done it and you haven't?

Maybe, they just have more desire. Or more likely, they are just able to motivate themselves to take action.

I said today might be a little embarrassing - or maybe it's just a little uncomfortable.

Whatever you're feeling right now, if it's embarrassing, uncomfortable or plain annoyed, that's only because you haven't done what you know you should.

Don't delay any longer. Go back to Session One and start putting the changes in place immediately and expand that 5% by one more person.

Although this course isn't a "warm up" for my services, I do understand that many people struggle with the technology that makes the things I'm talking about happen.

If that's you then I'd love to help - you see, I love this technology (sad as that may be!!) and will happily get it all set up for you on your site. All I need is your content.

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You may have noticed, if you are observant, that in most of the sessions in this email course there have been links to my website and if you’ve followed any of them you will have seen that this course has also been posted online. There’s a good reason for that and I’ll explain why I’ve done that over the course of the next few sessions.

Right now, I’d like to introduce you to Gerry.

Gerry is a fitness coach, who spends most of his time in the gym. He is either coaching or working out himself. He is an inspirational coach, you know the kind of guy who somehow just manages to motivate people.

The problem Gerry has, is that he is just a Silly Sausage  - see Session Four - when it comes to his business. He knows he is good at what he does and he just assumes people want his services.

He makes very little attempt to market himself or present his service as a “solution” to his potential clients challenges. He just tells them that he is a great fitness coach.

Over the coming weeks we are going to work with Gerry to turn him into a Top Dog!