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How To Turn Your Website Into A 24 Hour A Day Business Building Machine

Session Three

The Nosey Neighbour & The Imperative Enticement

​Remember our roadside stall from Session Two?

The first task for you today to is find yourself a friendly “nosey neighbour”. Someone who will have the curtains twitching all day long and spy on your website and feed back to you who’s been round, where they’ve come from and what they’ve been doing while you’re not looking!

One of the "nosiest" neighbours online is Google Analytics, and if you haven't already done so, you need to set up an account and install the code on your website.

I'm a great believer if someone has already done a great job on something - don't do it again for the sake of it. So here is a fantastic guide to everything you need to know about Google Analytics...

Don't forgetIf you don't yet have a website for your business, my "Brilliant Website For Business" service includes setting up Google Analytics on your template site.

The second task today is to take a long hard look at exactly what your visitors are going to see when they turn up at your site.

I need you to think carefully about this and if possible, get someone you know to tell you what they “see” - it may NOT be the same thing!

It’s your site and you know yourself, what you do, what you are offering and what goes on behind the scenes.

Your visitors, however, have to make their minds up in a few short seconds based on their first impression of what comes into view immediately they land on your site.

If what they see doesn’t look good, has no immediately obvious focus and doesn’t seem relevant to them - goodnight Gracie, they’ve gone.

Even if you have THE perfect solution, if you don’t capture attention immediately your offer will never be seen.

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It doesn’t matter whether you have absolutely THE perfect solution for them, if you don’t capture their attention immediately they will never get to see your offer.

If the site is a news or magazine type site, masses of stories and links is a good thing, but even then it has to easy on the eye.

But you're not building a news site! You have a service (or maybe a product) that you are offering and a “mess” isn’t going to get your visitors to take action!

Would you stay on any of the sites below to figure out what they are all about or what you are supposed to do?

  • LOST

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Your third task is to write down exactly what you want your visitors to do. It should only be one thing, such as buying your service, signing up to get your free gift or newsletter, or maybe watching a video.

You have to eliminate all other “noise” from your homepage and focus solely in directing your visitor to do what you want them to.

If you are not offering anything as an inducement to sign up to your list you need to start right away.

Writing an e-book or creating a video is probably the best solution as you can build in some real value to your "gift" but if you have nothing available right now I urge you to create a short report that you will give away. It doesn't have to be anything grand - just valuable information, a tip or secret that will help them achieve something or overcome a problem typical in your field.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do this now. Don't wait until you have something outstanding to give away. While you are creating that you are missing out on every visitor to your site in the meantime.

Simply get something created - ask someone on Fiverr to write something for you, or source a relevant report with Private Label Rights​ - here's a really good source of Health & Personal Development material - PLR

In Session Four we’ll look closely at how your revised home page should be structured and why sausages are good for your health!