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How To Turn Your Website Into A 24 Hour A Day Business Building Machine

Session Two

Does A Tree Falling In A Forest Make a Sound If There’s Nobody There to Hear It?

Sitting at your computer, you could be forgiven for forgetting that there’s a big world outside full of activity. 

Just because you can’t see from where you are sitting does it mean it’s not happening?

Of course not!

So those “academics” who argue if there’s nobody there to see or hear something means it doesn’t happen, are talking through their hats!

If you have a website and nobody joins your course, nobody buys anything on offer, nobody reads a post or opts in to your email list - does that mean they haven’t been to your site?

Maybe it does and maybe it doesn’t!

Would you know the answer to that?

Regrettably most people wouldn’t because they have no way of knowing.

Let’s say you had a table set up outside your house on which you were selling farm produce to passers by. If you went off for a few hours and returned to see nothing had gone and no money had been left what would you conclude?

Was it nobody had passed by, or that those who did didn’t stop, or those who stopped didn’t want what you had for sale or felt your price was too high?

You have no way of knowing…

…unless you have a nosey neighbour.

I asked you a question yesterday - why didn’t you take me up on my offer of lunch?

I already told you I could help you improve your website and how it engaged your visitors. I told you lunch was on me and that I would travel to you rather than you having to travel to London.

But you didn’t agree to lunch because you believed, somewhere deep inside, that the reason I wanted to take you to lunch was to sell you something and it was going to end up costing you money.

So rather than find out what I had to say, your fear of getting into a difficult situation where you had to say “no” to me, resulted in you not accepting my (extremely kind, I thought) invitation to lunch.

OK, there are other issues at play here too in all likelihood BUT, my point is most people don’t like to be sold to and certainly most people don’t put themselves on the end of a “pitch” unless they already know they’re interested in whatever is on offer.

The outcome is that typically people don’t take action for fear of the unknown or that their situation will be worse after doing something.

Now if I had been even clearer about my motives for offering lunch, maybe you would have felt a little easier about the invitation.

If I had said, that not only could I help improve your website but I was going to do so absolutely free of charge and I 100% guaranteed that I wouldn’t try to pitch you on anything else or sell you a service would you have felt more comfortable?

Maybe, but probably the nagging doubt you had before would have evolved into “I’m not sure I can trust this guy, why would he do that for me for nothing - he doesn’t even know me”

The real question now has become, WHY?

We have become so conditioned to believing that most people do things for their benefit and not ours we have come to a point where we trust very little. As sad as that is.

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Let’s reflect. I was offering you something for nothing, a free lunch and some guidance as to how you could improve your website with a few simple tweaks. But you didn’t take me up on the offer.


Because you don’t know me, are expecting me to sell you something you don’t want and don’t see why I would do it or put differently, “what’s in it for me?”

But what if somebody you already know told you I was "alright", he or she had met me before, they'd had a great lunch with me, I did as promised and hadn't tried to pressure them into doing anything?

And that is the problem with most websites.

There is an attempt to “capture” email addresses but little clarity or explanation as to how this will benefit the visitor, who is understandably reluctant to take action for fear of what’s coming next. Let me spell it out - people no longer just give away email addresses or if they do they tend to be junk addresses they never look at. (I have a few of those myself!)

They have been burnt before and ended up on the receiving end of a regular flow of emails that simply pitch one thing after another with no thought as to the relevance of that item to the reader.

It’s time to put all of this right.

Are you prepared to get some different results by taking some action to change the “input”?

If you’re not currently offering something, a free video, an e-book, a free trial - anything - in exchange for an email address we’ll talk about that next time.

But if you are, you need to take 5 minutes now and look long and hard at what you are saying. Does it convey to your visitors exactly WHAT they are getting and WHY it is without doubt the only course of action available to them?

If your message isn’t convincing, change it - TODAY.

Just saying “subscribe to my newsletter” simply doesn’t hack it anymore.

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Do you have an endorsement from an existing client (someone just like your visitors) or from somebody already known to your target audience?

Adding a “testimonial” from a happy client or “trusted” third party will take you just a few minutes and will make a massive difference in making you visitors feel more inclined to listen to what you have to say.

And if you’re not sure what to do watch out for Session 3 in this series - it’ll be arriving in your inbox in a few days time.