You just know it, call it a sixth sense or some kind of intuition...


Sometimes it's the words, sometimes an image, sometimes it's just a kind of feeling you get.

Often it's the sense of it "being just right" you get when talking to an employee.


Maybe it's the passion of the owner

Or the smile of a happy customer

It could be their slogan

Or the design of their website


Of course, most businesses have an online presence and I'm looking at their use of the right technology .

Do they engage with their visitors and encourage them to join a subscriber list?

How does the process work and are the follow up messages effective?


It may be a combination of all these things but sometimes you can just tell, you can just feel it!

They're the businesses you look forward to going back to.

You just know it when you are fortunate enough to find a Brilliant Little Business.

Every so often I come across a business and think "wow" - they really know what they're doing! When I do I'll highlight here examples of what I think make a

"Brilliant Little Business"

I'll highlight to you what, in my mind, makes them so. It's not meant to be a full case study, just something that has caught my eye.

There'll always be something you can learn & put to use in your business 

​I hope you benefit from them as much as I do.

If there's a business you'd like to nominate, just let me know but be sure to tell me why you think they should be put in the spotlight.​

I have no relationship with most of these businesses - I usually don't know the owners - and so I can't vouch for their products or their service.

I've probably found them by chance or via another contact but there is something they're doing that in my eyes makes them a Brilliant Little Business and maybe you can put what they're doing into practice in your business too.

Sometimes, however, I just have to tell you about a business I do work with and in those cases I have first hand experience of not only how the business works, their products but also the service they provide. They are the special ones!

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