Think of us as your website team, internet marketeer, online technician and your e-business ambassador


I’m Mark Wilson and it’s great to meet you.

I founded Brilliant Little Business to love what I do.

My idea was to provide clients with exactly the resources I lacked. Now I have a brilliant team of people around me, and that makes supporting clients a pleasure.

I’m sure I have been where you may be right now:

wishing to start something new, improve the way you work, do it more efficiently, or trying to grow the business.

…while still working on your own terms and staying in control.

This may be a new venture, a change of direction, or an expansion of your services. Each needs a tailored online company presence, whether you are a one-man band or an established staffed business.

I learned a number valuable business lessons the hard way:

I was immersed in a high-pressure industry and work controlled my life. There was no lifestyle or ‘me time’.

So I made significant changes which took me out of my comfort zone.

That was a challenge!

Of course, there is no substitute for hard work. But being good at what you do – and letting people know it – makes successful outcomes easier and confidence levels grow. Then you need to broadcast your message, and that’s where a website comes in.

A brilliant business is one that works smart, lets you control your time and still achieves your goals.

It requires a smart online platform, access to the external resources you need, and expert advice on demand.

At Brilliant Little Business we provide just that.