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How To Get More Facebook Reviews
Business Automation

How To Get More Facebook Reviews

Facebook Reviews – Why They Are So Important? Have you ever wondered how to get more Facebook reviews? If you have a business with any kind

gdpr for small businesses

GDPR For Small Businesses

GDPR For Small Businesses How relevant is GDPR for small businesses when there’s just you involved? Most of my clients tend to be sole traders

Designing A Logo For Startup
Start Business

Designing A Logo For Startups

Designing A Logo For Startups If you are just starting your business you may have done a search and read some articles about designing a

WordPress Maintenance Service
Client Attraction

WordPress Maintenance Service

A WordPress Maintenance Service Cures Insomnia A WordPress Maintenance Service is an essential for your business if you are not 100% confident in keeping your

Wordpress Security

WordPress Security Breaches Rife

WordPress security breaches rife – stated the article. That got me thinking, is that a true fact or just scaremongering? Fetch me my soapbox (I’ve

tell me how to increase efficiency
Business Automation

How To Increase Efficiency

“I’d love to know how to increase efficiency” started the conversation and I immediately knew this was not going to be the quick 5 minute catch-up

scarcity and thrive - a history
Business Automation

Scarcity & Thrive

Scarcity and thrive are not normally two words that you’d readily associate with each other. But… …and you’ll smile at my brilliance here :), the