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GDPR For Small Businesses

GDPR for small businesses - getting stressed?

GDPR For Small BusinessesHow relevant is GDPR for small businesses when there’s just you involved? Most of my clients tend to be sole traders or employ very few people, often outsourcing much of the work they don’t want to do themselves to Virtual Assistants. As most of what you read seems to refer to HR Departments and […]

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Designing A Logo For Startups

designing a logo for startups

Designing A Logo For StartupsIf you are just starting your business you may have done a search and read some articles about designing a logo for startups. The “advice” is varied to say the least, ranging from do-it-yourself, to get one done for next to nothing on fiverr, to hiring an expensive design expert because […]

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WordPress Maintenance Service

wordpress maintenance service

A WordPress Maintenance Service Cures InsomniaA WordPress Maintenance Service is an essential for your business if you are not 100% confident in keeping your site up to date yourself. Honestly, I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had where I’m told “I look after all of the updates and maintenance of my website myself, why […]

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WordPress Security Breaches Rife

wordpress security breaches rife - who's watching you?

WordPress security breaches rife – stated the article. That got me thinking, is that a true fact or just scaremongering? Fetch me my soapbox (I’ve heard the phrase a thousand times but don’t really know where it came from and anyone under a certain age will probably have no idea what I mean, but read on […]

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How To Increase Efficiency

tell me how to increase efficiency

“I’d love to know how to increase efficiency” started the conversation and I immediately knew this was not going to be the quick 5 minute catch-up chat I had expected!Where do you start answering such a broad question? I needed to quickly understand what this client really wanted to know. They were already very organised and tidy but […]

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Scarcity & Thrive

scarcity and thrive - a history

Scarcity and ThriveScarcity and thrive are not normally two words that you’d readily associate with each other. But… …and you’ll smile at my brilliance here :), the two sit perfectly when we are talking about Thrive Themes and Plugins ​and using the “scarcity” tactic in your marketing.Let me explain.

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Look Hot And Squinch

How To Look Hot (in front of the camera)I know, the headline – How To Look Hot – may have your mind racing off in the wrong direction but if you ever put (or in fact, don’t) photographs or videos of yourself on your website this post will be very interesting and could make all […]

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How To Create A Gravatar

How To Create A GravatarBefore I show you how to create a Gravatar I’d better explain what one is and why you need one!The first instruction!Scroll to the bottom of the page and look at the comments. Do you see my image against the first one?Good, that’s a Gravatar.For those of you too bone idle […]

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Where Your Site Is Hosted Could Lead To Sleepless Nights

where your site is hosted could be critical

Do You Favour UK or US Hosting?”Do you know where your site is hosted?”I don’t mean which hosting company, I mean the physical location of the server. It might not seem important, apart from maybe a possible performance issue if you’re in the UK and most of your visitors are too, but you could be […]

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