I Can’t Remember My Password

I can't remember my password - Notepad showing 3 weak and strong passwords next to a laptop.

It does actually fascinate me when I hear prospective clients exclaim “I can’t remember my password”.

In some ways I’m very pleased to hear it because it indicates that, unlike many people, they are at least using something other than the same password for all of the sites they visit.

But, with reports of hacking rife, it is amazing that so many people do little more than add an exclamation mark or question mark to a simple password to make it more secure.

I get it, it is inconvenient to have to look up a password or every site you want to visit, especially if using a tablet or mobile phone away from home or the office. But even so, the risks are enormous and security should far outweigh inconvenience.

And, of course, creating really strong passwords and then trying to enter them manually each time to access a website is virtually impossible without using some form of password manager. Using 0 or O or I or l can be particularly challenging depending on the font you use since the letter O can look much like a zero and upper case I like lower case l (el) and typing those in from a handwritten record can be frustrating to say the least.

So how do you create unique & complex passwords and remain sane when trying to use them?

Over time you take things for granted and as I’ve used a password manager for many, many years, the matter of secure passwords is off of my radar. I simply create long, complex passwords with upper and lower case letters, number and special characters and save them automatically. Then when I visit a website the username and password and auto completed for me, whether I’m accessing via my desktop machine, laptop, tablet or phone. Everything is automatically synced and I only ever have to remember one master password.

Over the years I’ve used most of the main password managers, RoboForm, LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane and several others but for a variety of reasons (incompatibility with browsers, security breach, lack of support to name a few) I migrated everything to Keeper several years ago.

Without doubt, Keeper is the best I’ve used. I love the ability to add passwords to a folder structure which greatly helps keep everything organised but above all the industry leading security of the system is paramount.

Make “I can’t remember my password” a thing of the past. Investigate password managers and sign up to a service as soon as possible.

I recommend Keeper and you can Get 30% Off 3 Year Plans for Keeper Unlimited and Keeper Family using my link here (please note a small affiliate commission is paid to me but does NOT affect the price you pay) but any password manager is better than nothing at all.

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