Words should work hard - effortlessly


Your job is not to write copy or content. It’s to know your customers and prospects and understand their situation. So you can provide solutions they need.

Our job is to strategically write your creative copy and content. So you present your services and solutions as clearly as possible.

Here's what we can write for you...

Your words are our business

Strategic content writing can improve nearly every element of your marketing.

Experienced strategic content writers spend significant time learning their customers aims and understanding their products.

Crafting written text in order to inform, inspire or persuade.

Strategic content writing is designed to increase sales and conversions and works across all mediums: sales letters, blog posts, advertisements and social media posts.

These are just some of the benefits of good strategic content writing:

• Higher conversion rates on key pages

• Improved structure and flow of articles

• More engagement on social media posts

• More of your content shared

• Clearer engagement with your customers

To convert:

Attention into interest
Interest into desire
Desire into action

By strategically rewording text to change:

Headers into hooks
Features into benefits
Next steps into calls to action
Passive voices into active
‘what we can do’ into USPs

Looking to update existing website wording?

Could it be more vibrant, compelling and punchy?

Our strategic partner, Wordvoice, created the content for this website and would love to update yours.

How much does it cost?

Let’s discuss exactly what you need, so we can give you a firm price.

Cost variables are length, the quantity and quality of materials you provide us (if any), how much research we need to do and whether a subject is easily articulated or highly technical. For example, brochures and articles could range from just a few pages to prospectus length. We are happy to research and write them all!

The Total Business Presence Package includes the cost of writing of all materials.

Here are the costs for blog posts of around 500 words:

Written from material provided Written for an easily researched subject Written for a technical subject
1 blog article £35 £55 £80
3 blog articles £100 £155 £225
5 blog articles £160 £250 £375