Make your business entry bold. Be noticed, make a statement and say it with passion. After all, it's totally about you.


  • Full Consultation
  • Branding Developed
  • Wording Written
  • Website Designed


Brilliant Little Business - Total Business Presence


Our Total Business Presence plan provides you a complete online identity and powerful business tools. Imagine your new:

It costs £11,849 and includes all the consultations we need to complete:

  • Strategic content writing of your website pages and brochure
  • Graphic design for your business identity used in website and stationery
  • A tailored email marketing strategy to capture clients
  • Search engine optimisation and full site expandability with add-ons any time
  • A half-day photography shoot of staff, premises or products

Here’s how it works:

We arrange an initial discussion face to face. This can be online via skype or zoom, or with you in person where and when convenient.

We give you our strategy questionnaire, so you can tell us exactly what you want and how.

It’s great if you also send us any helpful documentation or materials which will assist us in understanding your business better.

Then we flesh out an initial proposal. You review it and agree the direction, so we can begin building for you.

But before we do:

  • Our strategic content writer will send you sample text, so you can approve the style
  • Our graphic designer will show you first stage visuals, so you can comment and choose your brand identity
  • Prototype web pages will be uploaded for you to approve the layout and functionality
  • Our photographer will liaise with you to schedule in the photos and images you need

It’s a highly personalised plan tailored to your business.

We don’t like to compartmentalise. And we hate those kind of boxes!

What we like is great results. Which help clients become successful. After all, you are our business.

We don’t use ‘shared hosting’ plans where your site is lumped with thousands of others. Your site will be individually and automatically adjusted to suit ongoing development and new requirements.

We liaise directly with the hosting company on your behalf so you don’t need to be involved in the technicalities of keeping your site running.