Leverage your website. Turn it into a marketing manager who can work 24/7.


  • Landing page
  • Sign Up Form
  • Email Autoresponder
  • Thank you Page
  • PDF ebook
  • Follow up emails

All elements of your email marketing plan will reflect your business brand.

Including a compelling ebook offering which promotes your website content and services. A fully automated plan will send follow-up emails to every new site contact.

from £1,899

brilliant little business email marketing plan

Automating Your Marketing

Don’t waste valuable leads. Capture them creatively. Convert them with care.

No business can afford to lose contact with its website visitors. They landed on your page because they need something you offer.

An email marketing plan will encourage site visitors to subscribe to a free information pack. They provide you their email address and the means to convert them to clients. All in a professional and non-intrusive manner.

This is how it works:

  1. We create a new landing page for your website offering something of value: typically a e-book or video link relevant to your target audience (see example here)
  2. This page features a sign-up box linked to an email auto responder
  3. After subscribing, each visitor is added to your automated database. This results in a series of follow-up emails
  4. A ‘Thank You’ page appears promoting one of your business services
  5. They receive the first automated email with the download link to the free ebook or video
  6. Scheduled follow-up emails are automatically delivered – typically daily for a week – reinforcing the value of the ebook content and promoting your services in the process

Our Email Marketing Guide explains the process in full detail.

Not everyone has the time of knowledge to set this up. So let us take care of it all. We will design, write and build your personal email marketing plan.

What's Does It Include?