Giving Triberr A Bit Of A Bash – And Why I’m Doing So

giving triberr a bit of a bash

Is Triberr all it’s cracked up to be?

I’m giving Triberr a bit of a bash although at this point I really don’t know much about it so if this post actually ever gets seen by any old-hands please excuse me as I’m in the process of doing what I always do…

…jumping out of my comfort zone with no thought for my safety and regrettably with little thought for the comfort of those on the receiving end of my trial and error way of testing stuff out.

I’m not even sure that Triberr will or can do what I want but I came across it only this afternoon and because I don’t ever read everything on a sales page (actually in the days many years ago when I used to read Newspapers I don’t think I ever finished a whole article there either – far too grown-up thing to do!) I just had a feeling it might.

So I’m trying it out rather than the sensible thing which would be to read all about it and assess whether it can actually do what I want.

Giving Triberr A Bit Of A Bash

Giving Triberr A Bit Of A Bash

Perhaps I should explain what I’m hoping Triberr will be able to do but before that, just in case my terminology has a different meaning in other English speaking regions, “giving it a bash” does not signify physical or even metaphorical harm, it simply means I’m trying it out.

Glad we got that straight.

On to the reason (I’m getting a bit like Ronnie Corbett in this post – how many sidetracks can there be in one short article?) I’m really hoping Triberr is the solution I’m looking for.

Most clients, many of whom are virtual start-ups, have little to no traffic to their websites during the first weeks after launch and they have little knowledge of how to generate the visits they obviously need to make their sites viable.

I’ve been thinking we need to set up a network (let’s call it a tribe – see I’m learning already!) of clients who will promote and like each others posts to help with both SEO and gain exposure with audiences otherwise unavailable.

The challenge being there are always people who will go out of their way to help others which contrasts with those who (maybe have good intentions) but are never as helpful. And that just isn’t fair.

Triberr, if used correctly, looks to me to be a great solution (although it may be that each client needs to buy a premium upgrade to be able to post to Facebook pages – still figuring that out) as Tribe members will easily get found out if they’re not pulling their weight. I’m thinking of adding a video to my client membership pages (where we already encourage Facebook Likes) with an explanation and tutorial of how to use the “system” to best effect.

Until I’ve figured it out by giving Triberr a bit of a bash the tutorial will have to wait.

I’m going to need a few volunteers so if you’re interested in helping me test it out follow this Triberr link which will enable you to follow me (whatever that means and/or entails!) but I’m guessing is the first step in connecting on Triberr. You may need to register I guess – go on give Triberr a bit of a bash yourself – you know it makes sense!

See you there

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