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Giving Triberr A Bit Of A Bash – And Why I’m Doing So


Is Triberr all it’s cracked up to be?I’m giving Triberr a bit of a bash although at this point I really don’t know much about it so if this post actually ever gets seen by any old-hands please excuse me as I’m in the process of doing what I always do… …jumping out of my comfort […]

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Social Media Marketing – How To Succeed With Consistency

Forget Trying To Succeed With Social Media Marketing……unless you are prepared to stick at it and consistently post relevant content created specifically for YOUR targeted audienceIf you run a business, you know that if you were to succeed at social media marketing your profits would soar and you’d no longer need worry about finding new […]

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Social Media Posting

social post info

Do you have a plan or is it just post & hope?Do you find yourself at a loss to know how to create posts for the major Social Media platforms?This infographic (courtesy of QuickSprout) is a brilliant visual reminder of what you should be including.​Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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How To Use Linkedin

Kevin Costner was wrong…His Field of Dreams was created on the premise of “build it and they will come”.If you follow the same principle with your website or Social Media accounts I’m afraid you’ll be waiting a very long time!You have to be pro-active in getting visitors to your site and profile pages but you […]

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Why Your Facebook Posts Are Never Seen

Are You Getting Paranoid?Getting the feeling Facebook hates you?If you post regularly to Facebook you are probably aware that not all of your “fans” get to see everything you post.Did you know that, in fact, less than 10% of your fans get to see your Facebook posts!”I need to confess…”I am hopeless when it comes […]

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