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How To Get More Facebook Reviews

facebook reviews

Facebook Reviews – Why They Are So Important?Have you ever wondered how to get more Facebook reviews?If you have a business with any kind of online presence then you really should be looking actively at how you can encourage more customers / clients to leave reviews.As an aside, if you have a business WITHOUT an online […]

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How To Increase Efficiency

tell me how to increase efficiency

“I’d love to know how to increase efficiency” started the conversation and I immediately knew this was not going to be the quick 5 minute catch-up chat I had expected!Where do you start answering such a broad question? I needed to quickly understand what this client really wanted to know. They were already very organised and tidy but […]

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Scarcity & Thrive

scarcity and thrive - a history

Scarcity and ThriveScarcity and thrive are not normally two words that you’d readily associate with each other. But… …and you’ll smile at my brilliance here :), the two sit perfectly when we are talking about Thrive Themes and Plugins ​and using the “scarcity” tactic in your marketing. Let me explain.

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Is Your Business Guilty Of These 5 Sins?

business sins

If your business website is guilty of any of these deadly sins you are losing money…   How many websites do you visit during the course of an average week? I have no idea myself, BUT I reckon at least 95% of those that I do visit have got it so far wrong it’s untrue. Do you remember […]

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Why You Must Keep In Touch With Your Site Visitors

Why You Absolutely Must Keep In Touch With Your Website Visitors……And How To Do So​It is essential you keep in touch with your site visitors whatever industry or niche your business is in (whether it’s an online business or in the “real world”)……and it is essential you build a relationship with not only your customers […]

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No Image – No Really…

If you can’t be bothered with putting an image on your posts, (or maybe just can’t find a suitable picture) your output will, to be frank, be boring! But beware… …your post may end up on page one of Google nonetheless (just like this one did).  But will anyone click through to view it? When […]

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Just To See

I’m not sure about the image above but… This was another “initial” post I put up just to see how the theme handled images. I’m actually pleased with it (below) and will leave this as I think the motivational image is just brilliant for anyone embarking on setting up their own business. I’ve met so […]

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