How To Get More Facebook Reviews

How To Get More Facebook Reviews

Facebook Reviews – Why They Are So Important?

Have you ever wondered how to get more Facebook reviews?

If you have a business with any kind of online presence then you really should be looking actively at how you can encourage more customers / clients to leave reviews.

As an aside, if you have a business WITHOUT an online presence then you should be asking yourself a different question first!

Did you know research reveals that 84% of people rely on reviews as much as personal recommendations from people they know?

how to get more facebook reviews

The answer as to why Facebook Reviews are so important is, therefore, pretty obvious.


Not everyone who visits your site will know an existing customer or client and so your reviews will play an extremely important part in convincing them you’re the right business for them.

You need, therefore, to not only get into the habit of always asking for a Review but ensuring you always follow up with any comments left be they positive or negative.

BUT, please don’t follow the lead of big companies like British Gas for example who send recorded messages asking you for feedback on their recent visit. It’s not in the least personal and frankly I am deeply offended that they care so little about me that they can’t even be bothered to talk to me in person OR respond to me when I do give them my thoughts.

Of course, it makes sense to automate the process as much as possible but a personal email sent directly to a client with a request for help is so much better than an obviously pre-configured message.

How To Get More Facebook Reviews In 4 Simple Steps

NOTE: The following instructions only work just like this if your site is built using WordPress but you should be able to create something similar on any platform. You will also need a Business Page at Facebook where your reviews will be collected.

  • 1Install the FREE Starfish Reviews plugin
  • 2Get the URL to your Facebook Page Reviews tab. See instructions below* 
  • 3Go to Starfish Reviews plugin settings and paste the Facebook Reviews Tab URL in the Review Destination Box 
  • 4Copy the Review Page URL from the Starfish Reviews settings page & ask your clients/customers to go to that link and provide a review. (You should set up a process to ensure every time you complete some work for somebody they are asked to provide a review – a standard email containing the link is ideal) 

*Facebook Reviews tab. If not already done, this is how to Add a Reviews Tab to your Facebook Page and where to find the required URL.

Navigate to your Facebook Page

A. Click Settings at the top of your Page

B. Click Edit Page (left column)

C. Scroll to bottom and click Add a Tab

D. Click Add Tab next to Reviews

E. Toggle Show Reviews to On

F. Click Save

G. Copy URL

H. This bit gets a little complicated! If the person leaving a review isn’t logged in to Facebook, after logging in, Facebook DOESN”T redirect them to the reviews Tab. To overcome this issue you need to follow the Starfish instructions on this post to create the correct link to use in Step Three

To enhance this process further, install the Rich Plugins Facebook Reviews plugin on your site so your Facebook Reviews automatically show up in your blogs sidebar widget.

The premium version of the plugin enable reviews to be posted anywhere on your site (not just in the widget) but you can also achieve this by pasting the embed code for the review on the page manually (which I have done at the foot of this post).

The following video demonstrates all of the steps required and mentioned above.

If you have a WordPress site and would like me to set this up for you, visit my Facebook Reviews Automation page here.

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The following two reviews appear courtesy of the embed code found next to the reviews on the Facebook Reviews Tab:

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