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scarcity and thrive - a history

Scarcity and thrive are not normally two words that you’d readily associate with each other. But…

…and you’ll smile at my brilliance here :), the two sit perfectly when we are talking about Thrive Themes and Plugins ​and using the “scarcity” tactic in your marketing.

Let me explain.


I should be ​totally clear here, I’m not talking about those ridiculous scarcity claims some marketers use – you know “only 8 copies left“, when they’re offering a pdf e-book which clearly has an unlimited supply.

Nor the “price rises in 3 days” and when you return to the site a month later it’s still the same.

This is an example of what really works…

If You Have A WordPress Site Click Here

​What I’m referring to are genuine count-down to a launch date, or a genuine count-down to a price rise, or maybe a special Christmas only price, or first time visitor to the site price.

Those tactics work because of the innate human trait of worrying about missing out on something…​

Scarcity: Discover The Massive Psychological Influence Of This One Principle Throughout Time
Courtesy of: Thrive Themes

OK, so you get my drift and why scarcity works. But what about Thrive?


thrive: meaning, definition, what is thrive: to grow, develop, or be successful

If you are a client of Brilliant Little Business and you’ve known me for any time then you will know I’m a big fan of Thrive (the business that creates superb WordPress themes & plugins).

Indeed, if I built your website you will have a minimum of one Thrive product on your site and most likely the full range.​

And Thrive are about to launch an excellent plugin, Thrive Ultimatum, that will enable users to easily create evergreen countdown campaigns.

As usual with Thrive products, Ultimatum is crafted with care and with detailed knowledge of how it will be used – it’s not just thrown together as piece of code where you’re left to do all of the hard work in designing pages and forms – that’s all done for you.

Simply activate the plugin, decide on the type of campaign you want to run (evergreen, price rise, limited time-frame etc) and everything is ready for you to change a few words and dates.

You really need to see it in action to understand the simplicity and usability of Ultimatum but…

…as you’d expect Thrive are using the plugin in their pre-launch stage so I’m not yet able to show you the full details.

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