A Thriving Little Business

A Thriving Little Business

The Brilliant Little Business Spotlight:

Never before in my life have I experienced such a fantastic ongoing level of commitment from a business – EVER!

I use the products.

And the products are brilliant – the best I have ever encountered in close to 10 years of using WordPress.

The regular updates and enhancements – all no cost – are exceptional.

The video training in using the products is superb BUT is outdone by the detailed, yet so easy to follow, explanations as to WHY you need to do something in a certain way.


And when you need to contact support, the response is prompt and helpful.

It is clear that Shane not only fully understands what he is doing he is passionate in helping people use his products to enhance their businesses.

“So what is the product?”


It’s a collection of responsive WordPress themes and the fantastic drag and drop builder plugin developed by Thrive Themes.This site uses both, so you might think I am biased. You bet I am, but only because Thrive is head and shoulders above everything else!


I have never found anything that comes close to the ease and speed with which you can very quickly build a gorgeous looking website.And with all of the features you need to be successful (landing pages, sales pages, opt-in forms etc) using just the theme and one plugin.

As you’d expect the website that promotes the business is built using the same products – it’s clean, engaging and leads you to the obvious conclusion that you simply cannot live without them.

Over the past few weeks (October 2014) Shane has taken his business up a stage. Instead of just providing tutorials about the product he is now providing full explanations as to how, why and when to use the features that are available. For anyone new to creating a website and working online, these videos are excellent. Worth far more than the price you pay just for the plugin!

Tap the button below to see the Thrive website – a thing of beauty in itself – and enjoy the way the product is presented. 

This business ticks all the boxes – great website, outstanding products, more than expected training, outstanding service and for me, the biggest plus point:- personal contact.​

Just so you know, the above link is my affiliate link. I fully endorse Thrive Themes anyway but I have highlighted them today because I truly believe this to be a Brilliant Little Business

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