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How To Create A Gravatar

How To Create A GravatarBefore I show you how to create a Gravatar I’d better explain what one is and why you need one!The first instruction!Scroll to the bottom of the page and look at the comments. Do you see my image against the first one?Good, that’s a Gravatar.For those of you too bone idle […]

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A Thriving Little Business


A Thriving Little Business!The Brilliant Little Business Spotlight:Thrive ThemesNever before in my life have I experienced such a fantastic ongoing level of commitment from a business – EVER!I use the products.And the products are brilliant – the best I have ever encountered in close to 10 years of using WordPress.The regular updates and enhancements – […]

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A Shave For A Dollar

The Brilliant Little Business Spotlight: Shaving The Costs Of A Shave!Dollar Shave Club – USA It’s one of the greatest business models of all time……give something really useful away for free, like a handle; get your customers to depend on you; sell them the “add on” to the free item for the rest of their […]

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Honey makes you passionate


The Brilliant Little Business Spotlight: Honey Makes You Passionate!The Savannah Bee Company – USA Honey – who would have thought it could make you so passionate? Before I get complaints – I meant passionate about the subject, not in a “personal” sort of way!‚ÄčIt’s the passion for their business that shines through at the Savannah Bee […]

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