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The Brilliant Little Business Spotlight:

Honey Makes You Passionate!

The Savannah Bee Company - USA


Honey - who would have thought it could make you so passionate?

Before I get complaints - I meant passionate about the subject, not in a "personal" sort of way!​

It's the passion for their business that shines through at the Savannah Bee Company

It's not just from the founder, Ted, it's clear the staff love what they do and are proud to work in the business.

I love the congruity of the website - the colours, the honeycomb shapes, the images but...'s the video about the business that for me makes this a Brilliant Little Business.

If honey was my thing and I found this website and watched the video I know I'd be totally hooked. How could you not be engaged by the passion and dedication?

This is a great lesson on how using a inspirational video story about your business can generate massive goodwill and no doubt turn tyre-kickers into raving fans.​

Watch the video at the bottom of the home page. Be prepared to be inspired to create a video story about your business...

  • Roland Hanekroot says:

    Wow… That video is amazing… At first you go… Hmmmm a bit cheesy American sentimental but then you get more and more drawn in and you can’t help getting swept up by their incredible positivity… Definitely a brilliant little business

    • Mark Wilson says:

      Hi Roland, thanks for your comment and I’m glad you also found the video amazing. It’s important to recognise your market, and clearly as a local business, they’ve done just that with this video.

      I’ve probably only ever eaten honey on a handful of occasions yet I found my self wanting to watch the video to the end even though I had no intention of buying any!

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