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WordPress Maintenance Service

wordpress maintenance service

A WordPress Maintenance Service Cures InsomniaA WordPress Maintenance Service is an essential for your business if you are not 100% confident in keeping your site up to date yourself. Honestly, I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had where I’m told “I look after all of the updates and maintenance of my website myself, why […]

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Look Hot And Squinch

How To Look Hot (in front of the camera)I know, the headline – How To Look Hot – may have your mind racing off in the wrong direction but if you ever put (or in fact, don’t) photographs or videos of yourself on your website this post will be very interesting and could make all […]

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How Long Should Your Home Page Be?

How Big?One of the first subjects we touch on when I’m talking to a new client is this…”What is your website supposed to do?​”Think about it for a moment…When somebody lands on your home page for the first time is it immediately obvious what they’re supposed to do?If it’s not, I’m afraid the majority of […]

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Website Colour Matters!

Why Colour Is So ImportantFollowing on from my post about the colours chosen for your website, I came across this great infographic I thought I’d share with you. We all have colours that we just like, I guess, but studies suggest there are much deeper reasons that lead to us taking (or not) action. Interestingly, it […]

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The Colours of Catherine Cuffley

The Colours Of Catherine CuffleyI’ve recently been working with a lovely lady named Catherine Cuffley who is an executive coach specialising in working with leaders and managers in Banking, Insurance and other City businesses.​She is an expert in neuroscience and uses her extensive knowledge in this area to help her clients successfully manage the complexities […]

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Creating A Value Proposition

value proposition

Slogans, Taglines & Value Propositions……you could be excused for being a tad confused! UPDATE – DECEMBER 2015 If you are still preparing your own “Value Proposition” – this post I found this week written by David Ly Khim expands on the information​ Most of the time you needed to be in the bar with the […]

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Session Six

How To Turn Your Website Into A 24 Hour A Day Business Building Machine Session SixThe 5% Winners & The Observant Is it safe for me to assume that if you are reading this email you have also read the previous 5 in the series? As I didn’t hear otherwise I’m going to take that […]

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10 Big Reasons Why Checklists Do Not Work


Every business has processes that are repeated time and time again but there are 10 BIG reasons why checklists don’t work……and it has nothing to do with checklists! ” Do you want fries with that?”Ever heard that phrase? Of course, if you’ve ever been into McDonalds you will have heard it.And that phrase is part of […]

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