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Why Colour Is So Important

Following on from my post about the colours chosen for your website, I came across this great infographic I thought I'd share with you.

We all have colours that we just like, I guess, but studies suggest there are much deeper reasons that lead to us taking (or not) action.

Interestingly, it seems that both male and females love blue and green most. Could that be because of the blue sky (obviously never been to London!!!) and green trees / grass?

I've read similar reports in the past and every time I'm amazed at the significant differences that result from some minor tweaks to sales copy. Who'd have thought that a change from red to green would result in such a massive increase in sales for Heinz?​

What Tint Are Your Spectacles

Performable - Changing button from green to red resulted in 21% increase in conversions!

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You'll see below that people make a judgement on a product within 90 seconds and 90% of that assessment is based on colour. 

If that is really the case, the choice of colour on your site is imperative - we all know most people don't even hang around for 90 seconds!​

For further information on this fascinating subject here's a very interesting guide that explains the meaning and symbolism and psychology of different colours