The Colours of Catherine Cuffley

The Colours of Catherine Cuffley

The colours of Catherine Cuffley may seem an extremely strange phrase to open an article. Let me explain…

I’ve recently been working with a lovely lady named Catherine Cuffley who is an executive coach specialising in working with leaders and managers in Banking, Insurance and other City businesses.

​She is an expert in neuroscience and uses her extensive knowledge in this area to help her clients successfully manage the complexities of change faced by their businesses.

This morning Catherine told me that she was attending a webinar yesterday evening on the subject of “colour”, hosted by Amanda Watts of Awaken Your Magic.

The guest speaker was international colour therapist and trainer Marcia O’Regan (you can visit her website ColourHarmonie for more details) who was discussing the hidden meaning of colour and in particular, how the choice of colour in the design impacts how your website is perceived.

Now, I can’t take any credit in the selection of colour in Catherine’s site as that decision had already been made but I like to think that my layout helps make the best use of those colours.

​Marcia spent a while reviewing several websites and her feedback on Catherine’s was extremely positive.

Catherine has a very professional yet friendly approach with her clients and Marcia felt the choice of colour on her site fully reflected that. The blue represents trust and the magenta/maroon colour indicates a strong business acumen. Both traits are very important for Catherine in the field in which she works.

So here’s the question…

Did you choose the colours on your website because you like them or with your potential customers in mind?

Marcia contends that at a deep level (subconscious I suppose), we make decisions about people based on the colours they wear and that the colours on a website will have a major impact on the clients and customers we attract.

  • What do you think?
  • Do you make decisions based on colours?​
  • Are you in tune with colour and how it makes you feel?

I’d love to know​ whether you made a conscious decision about the colours you chose for your website and what that decision was based on.

Let me know below.

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