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Slogans, Taglines & Value Propositions... could be excused for being a tad confused!


If you are still preparing your own "Value Proposition" - this post I found this week written by David Ly Khim expands on the information below:​

Most of the time you needed to be in the bar with the ad agency when they dreamt the things up to have any idea what they really mean!

"Just Do It"​ - is it really just me? That doesn't tell me anything about sports wear or equipment

Of course, I'm not having a go at Nike - it's one of the most famous lines in the world - but if you'd never heard of the company before you are most unlikely to guess what they do.

I'm going to go out on a limb here - the big wide world probably doesn't know much about you or your business right now...

...and when they land on your website you need to let them know instantly why they should be listening to you and do business with you and not a competitor.

A slogan won't hack it and a tagline is normally too short to get the message across.

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So what you need is a value proposition that answers the following:

  • How you will solve your customers problem
  • What benefits they will receive
  • And why you​

My thanks to Quick Sprout for allowing me to share the following with you

How to Write a Great Value Proposition
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout