The Dollar Shave Club

the dollar shave club

The Dollar Shave Club – Shaving The Costs Of A Shave!
Dollar Shave Club – USA

It’s one of the greatest business models of all time…

…give something really useful away for free, like a handle;

get your customers to depend on you;

sell them the “add on” to the free item for the rest of their lives (or until they decide a beard is really their thing!)

With approximately 50% of the world’s adult population potentially needing a specific product you’d think there was a fair chance of success. But when your business is entering the arena dominated by a few really big boys you really have to do things a little different to get noticed.

The Dollar Shave Club is no longer what I what classify “little” but back in just 2011 things were somewhat different.

With no employees and only a small budget the founders wanted a way to market their quality, no-name razors in a market dominated by Gillette and Schick.

They created a video costing $4,500 and managed to get a massive 9 million views​ and thousands of Twitter followers and Facebook fans.

As of October 2014 they have 1.16 million FaceBook Likes – they can’t all be wrong!​

​More importantly, that video was apparently responsible for finding 12,000 customers in just 2 days!

Now that’s IS a Brilliant Little Business.​

Take a look at their site – clean, focused and simple, it’s highly targeted to their market and the video is nothing less than shocking. They just tell it like it is and it’s difficult to argue with the results…

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