Social Media Marketing – How To Succeed With Consistency

Social Media Marketing – How To Succeed With Consistency

Forget Trying To Succeed With Social Media Marketing…

…unless you are prepared to stick at it and consistently post relevant content created specifically for YOUR targeted audience

If you run a business, you know that if you were to succeed at social media marketing your profits would soar and you’d no longer need worry about finding new clients or customers.

Every client wants to know how they can get more traffic to their website.

I know you’re no different.

If you had more traffic than you knew what to do with, you’d be sitting working that conundrum out rather than reading this!

And of course, if you believe just 10% of the rubbish written, you’d send out a quick tweet, maybe post a photo on Facebook, add something to Linkedin and Google + and sit back enjoying the unstoppable stream of qualified visitors just bending over backwards to give you money.

So why isn’t is working for you?

Chances are, you don’t have a plan for any sort of social media success.

Tweeting this will make me successful at Social Media marketing, she said without a hint of irony

Chances are you post to Social Media when you remember or more likely, when you have some time to do so in between dealing with your business.

And how much thought have you given to whether the “perfect” client for you hangs out on Facebook or Linkedin?

Just whack it out there, it’ll make you feel good you’re actually doing something


It’s time to figure it out.

Plan what you are going to do and make it part of your daily activity.

Get up 1/2 hour early if you must – just make sure you’re consistent.

I love the stuff Neil Patel from Quick Sprout puts out and his article about Social Media strategies is sensational.

If it’s not working for you right now, bookmark this page quick and come back and read all of Neil’s post as soon as you can

Or maybe you’re still happy with your Auntie Mabel visiting your site when she logs on to Facebook and sees you had a hotdog for lunch!

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