Why Your Facebook Posts Are Never Seen

Why Your Facebook Posts Are Never Seen

Working out why your Facebook posts are never seen is the first step in putting the issue right.

Getting the feeling Facebook hates you?

If you post regularly to Facebook you are probably aware that not all of your “fans” get to see everything you post.

Did you know that, in fact, less than 10% of your fans get to see your Facebook posts!

“I need to confess…”

I am hopeless when it comes to using Facebook. I have spurts of activity but then find I simply have too much going on to keep up the required regular posting and commenting.

But, I know I really should be doing it and have resolved to make sure that my time is spent effectively.

So I set about researching what I should be doing to make sure more fans actually get to see what I’m posting and I came across an excellent blog by Joel at Buffer that explains “why” and “what” should be done to get maximum exposure.

In fact, it goes so much deeper and is extremely enlightening – plus the guys at Buffer are promising to keep it updated as Facebook changes the algorithms used

I highly recommend you read the whole post or you could be wasting so much time and energy doing things that are actually harmful and are simply not getting seen.

One factor that really influences what gets seen on Facebook is the posts popularity, so if you get some value from this post please help me by clicking the Facebook Share button at the top of this post.

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