Without Business Leads Your “Business” Is Dead

Without Business Leads Your "Business" Is Dead

Business leads are the lifeline to your success – without them you probably have no business!

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You probably already know that I’m fanatical about two things (actually there’s more but that’s for another time!)…

1 Collecting your website visitors contact details

2 Thrive products​

I know for a fact that somewhere you’ve seen or heard the phrase “the money is in the list”

It’s one of my pet hates. I really dislike cliches like that, even though the concept behind it is correct, the term is total nonsense. It makes me cringe every time I see it!

If it was true you could go out and buy a list of a million names from some scammy ​”address harvester” and be set up for life.

I’m sure I don’t really need to explain, but just so we are all clear I will…

Most websites will be lucky if any more than 3 in 100 visitors ever return again.

Statistics suggest than on average there needs to be 7 separate “contacts” before a buying transaction takes place.​

QUESTION:   So what does that tell you?

ANSWER:   You need to be collecting your visitors email addresses so you can contact them again (& again) to convince them to return to your website.

The most important factor, however, is that you need to be developing a relationship via those contact emails & whatever it is you provide or give away to encourage them to give you their email address in the first place.

So unlike the somewhat limiting thought of  “the money being in the list”, what you are doing is providing relevant information, establishing your credentials and proving your worth as an expert in your field.

So a more accurate phrase and one that treats people with respect (a subscriber rather than simply another item on a list) is this…

Your business value is in the RELATIONSHIP and trust you build with your subscribers

Let me ask you straight…

“Are you attempting to collect the email address of your site visitors so you can follow up later?” 

If not, I urge you to think long and hard as to why not.

There really isn’t a good reason.

I often hear these two comments when I first meet a new client…

“I don’t have anything to give away in exchange for email addresses”

“I don’t know how to set up the technical things, such as opt-in forms, autoresponder and how to tie it in with a download”.

We both know they’re really excuses and both are easily overcome.

You know your business and I assume you know your customers. All you need to do is create a very short report that is valuable to your market – maybe just one page of useful information will be enough – and simply give it away in exchange for an email address.

Or how about any one of these ideas…

  • A mini-course presented to your visitors via email – maybe one email a day for 5 days or scheduled over a few weeks
  • Or a short video showing how to use your product
  • Or a list of the top ten problems with (insert something your market faces)​
  • ​Or a short report showing how to do something that your business does everyday and you know it unlikely your customers will do themselves.

Just a few minutes creative thought and I know you can come up with something.​

So we’ve resolved the first challenge. Now how to get it all set up…

Have you watched the video at the top of the page yet?

I said earlier one of the things I’m fanatical about is Thrive products. The latest, Thrive Leads, is no different. It’s brilliant.

A few years ago creating opt-in forms (signup forms, whatever you want to call them) took me ages. I’d go to my AWeber account, create a list and start to create a form using their templates. There was never one I liked and even after I’d customised the form as far as I could I found it never looked quite right.

And then I found Thrive Content Builder. All I needed to do was copy the raw html code from my autoresponder, paste into the relevant area inside the content builder and voila, a great looking sign up form or page came to live.

And now, Shane and his team have taken it up a further notch with Thrive Leads.

From “ribbon” sign up forms to light boxes, widgets, in post/page boxes and 2 step-forms, just a few minutes customising and opt-in forms can be appearing wherever and whenever you want on your site.

If you find the technical side of creating sign-up forms difficult you probably aren’t collecting the leads you know you should for your business.

Take a look at Thrive Leads – it really is THE BEST WordPress plugin for the job.​

And if you still think the technical side is too complex, you already know I can help with that!

Just get in touch and I’ll tell you about my low cost solution to getting Thrive products set up on your WordPress site. You won’t look back!

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