How To Create A High Quality Website

How To Create A High Quality Website

How To Create A High Quality Website

Having a high quality website is out of reach of most people…

I’m deeply saddened by the general attitude of “OK” is good enough.

Maybe it’s my age (I’m definitely entering the “grumpy old man” stage) but everywhere I turn I seem to be faced with mediocrity at best and abject indifference at worst.

And this applies particularly to large organisations and their laughable approach to customer service and their “corporate” thinking that often isn’t in tune with their customers at all. You know who I’m talking about – you watch their adverts on TV and cringe when you know what they’re like in the real world.


Some of the largest companies in the UK, with presumably massive budgets, have simply appalling websites. The navigation and search are next to useless, the fonts are too small, the process to buy anything is cumbersome, you get all the way to the checkout and entering payment details before you find they’re out of stock. I won’t go on, just take a look yourself if you haven’t yet had the pleasure!

They should know better of course and I’m never going to be able to change them!

But you

You are different

I’m not prepared to allow you to get away with it.

I’m not trying to offend you, and I know I may already have done so as you sit there thinking “how dare he say that – he knows nothing about me”. But, I’m not accusing you personally and even if your site isn’t great right now it probably isn’t your fault…

I see so many websites that simply don’t hack it and it’s not normally the owners fault.

They’re not techie nor are they designers – they are business people or individuals who have never been shown or told what to do or how to organise their websites.

Or worse still, they’ve bought into the concept of those disastrous “template” industry specific sites or have a web developer who wears flared trousers and still hankers after a by gone age and the websites produced reflect it!

A High Quality Website – Is It Really Out Of Reach?

I said earlier that a decent website is out of the reach of most people.

And that’s because most people are happy to settle for what they’ve got. It’s the “get it and forget it” mentality.

The website has been checked off the list, what’s next?

If those same people had a high street store do you think they’d leave the window display the same?

Probably not, but with websites they seem to adopt a very different approach assuming that it kind of does magic all on it’s own!

But you’re not most people! You’re still here so you get to see the answer…

I came across this infographic a few days ago and thought I’d share it with you as it does a great job of setting out what you should be doing.

***UPDATE Nov22 – sorry the website where the graphic was originally has been taken offline so the image is no longer available

Let me know what you think and by all means leave a link back to your site in the comments below to prove it’s not you I’ve been having a pop at!


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